Best Oil Filter for Synthetic Oil

It’s extremely important to take care of your car engine if you want don’t want to spend a good deal of money to repair it after constant breakages. Remember that this is the heart of your vehicle and that’s the reason why you should maintain it. Take into consideration that the engine may be damaged by dirt during the combustion process. And if you want to avoid this problem, it’ll be a great idea to purchase a reliable oil filter. It’ll prevent possible damages and ensure the dirt won’t enter into it. However, take into account that there are so many products on the market that you may spend hours searching for the model you’ll like. 

Fortunately, you can use this review to save your time and select one of the best filters for synthetic oil. In addition, don’t forget to get acquainted with the information that will explain why this part of the vehicle is so important for its engine.

Why Does Your Car Need an Oil Filter?

First of all, you should get acquainted with the functions of oil filters. The main reason why your vehicle needs them is the protection of the engine. The filter removes all mechanical impurities from the oil before it enters the engine.

Bear in mind that the usage of this or that type of filter depends on the type of your car. However, usually, all of them have the same construction that includes pleats, retainer, tapping plate, retainer, filter medium, etc. Also, the most popular oil filters are high-performance filters and Microglass filters. Remember that every type has unique features and you should take them into consideration to choose the model suitable for your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Synthetic Oil Filters

When you discover what type of filter you need to buy, you will be ready to make a purchase. In this review, you’ll find 10 top-quality oil filters that guarantee excellent performance and total customer satisfaction. The models from the list below have tons of positive reviews and amazing ratings. Plus, each of them is extremely durable and efficient.

1. Fram XG6607

It’s a cheap and reliable oil filter produced by Fram. This company is a leader in the production of engine protection for modern cars and light-duty trucks. Choosing this model you get up to 20,000 miles of oil filtration service. There are no doubts, that this tool is a great combination of affordability and high performance. What is more, the filter is perfect for cleaning various types of synthetic oil.

XG6607 has a lot of amazing features such as sure-grip coating and tough metal exterior. The model will hold more than double the dirt of usual filters produced by other companies. Besides, you won’t face any difficulties in case you need to remove this filter due to the internally lubricated sealing gasket. You even won’t need any special tools to cope with this task. Undoubtedly, XG6607 is the right choice for people who want to get the most out of their investments.

✅ Compact size
✅ Easy to fix or remove
✅ Amazing durability
❌ Quick deterioration of filter membrane

2. Mobil 1 M1-102

Mobil 1 is one of the most popular companies that provide drivers with top-quality products for car maintenance. Its oil filters are approved by the leaders of the automotive industry. The company constantly tries to improve its products and uses the newest technologies in the manufacturing process.

And Mobil 1 M1-102 is the evidence of the company’s reliability. It’ll provide you with the best client experience. First of all, there are tons of positive reviews that prove that this filter is extremely durable and efficient. In addition, it has precise design and is provided with a special silicone back valve. This important element will protect the engine from dry starts. Plus, this is a sure way to avoid leakages that may occur when you cut off the vehicle’s engine.

Besides, high-pressure resistance is among the benefits of this oil filter. It can withstand high operating pressure without losing a leak. And its sieve is made of top-quality synthetic fiber. Due to this material, the holding capacity of the filter is bigger in comparison with other products.

However, take into consideration that the filter’s price is high. But still, this product is worth its money and you definitely won’t regret if you purchase it.

✅ Amazing holding capacity.
✅ High-pressure resistance.
✅ Extreme durability and efficiency.
✅ Silicon back valve guarantees 100% leakage prevention.
❌ High price.

3. Bosh 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosh is another reputable manufacturer of oil filters. The company offers high-quality products and always tries to satisfy any fault-finder. And this awesome filter is the direct demonstration of this fact.

It’s developed for hybrid vehicles and guarantees wonderful durability. Furthermore, the filter is provided with a special FILTECH mechanism. It’ll ensure impressive oil filtration. The mechanism consists of a thin wire mesh that clamps the sieving membrane. Due to these elements, the product provides double filtration. And the great fact is that the filter guarantees perfect performance for more than 10,000 miles. In addition, you won’t face any problems during its installation or removal due to the special filter’s form. 

Take into account that this filter works with both natural and synthetic oils. But still, it’s recommended to use the last type if you want to get the maximum performance. And the opportunity to select the filter’s size and affordable price make this product perfect for any driver.

✅ Amazing performance and cleaning efficiency.
✅ Extreme durability.
✅ Double filtration.
✅ The filter works with various types of oils.
✅ Affordable price.
❌ The company’s poor response to the customers’ worries.
❌ The filter is designed specifically for hybrid cars.

 4. K&N KN-171C Oil Filter

For more than 50 years K&N has been one of the industry-leaders in the development of automotive filtration technologies. The company offers products that will increase your engine’s longevity, protection and improve its performance. Right now there thousands of clients satisfied with filters manufactured by K&N.

And if you are looking for the oil filter that will protect your engine from 99% of the impurities, you definitely need to have a look at this product. Initially, this KN-171 was used in race vehicles, but now any driver can purchase it to provide the car engine with maximum protection.

The filter offers wonderful leak resistance due to heavy-duty metal canister designed with accurately forged edges. In addition, its sieving can work even with high-speed engines. The product is designed with a 17mm nut that simplifies the replacement of the filter. Besides, it guarantees perfect attachment. There are no doubts that this feature will be useful for people who often drive their vehicles in harsh conditions.

The manufacturer provided KN-171with a wonderful anti-drain valve. This useful element ensures high filtration efficiency. Plus, bear in mind that this filter works with any type of modern engines. You can use it to protect from breakages even a homemade motor.

✅ Works with both synthetic and conventional oils.
✅ Affordable price and wonderful durability.
✅ Provides amazing performance under harsh environment.
❌ The filter is not compatible with old engines.

5. Kohler Pro Performance Oil Filter

Kohler provides its clients with the best customer experience and wonderful support. Its products are well-known for their extreme reliability. Furthermore, the company offers post-purchase services to its clients.

For example, you’ll get a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer if you purchase this high-performance oil filter. It means that you may get a free replacement in case the product is damaged during the normal driving or it has any factory defects. Additionally, high ratings and positive customer reviews are other pieces of evidence of the filter’s reliability.

The model is designed with a high-performance membrane that ensures wonderful oil filtration. Besides, it can resist a pressure of 11 PSI that makes this product a great choice for owners of vehicles with heavy engines. And the filter’s anti-drip back valve prevents the oil from leaking back into the crankcase after the motor stoppage.

Although usually, oil filters are black or grey, this one is yellow. And this scant differentiation turns into a benefit. You won’t face any problems if you need to identify the filter during the replacement. Especially, it simplifies this task when the engine is sooty. 

This Pro Performance oil filter can hold up to 17gr of contaminants before it needs a replacement. However, the result depends on the type of synthetic oil you use. Besides, an accessible price is another benefit of this amazing product.

✅ Offers amazing engine protection from dry starts.
✅ 90-day warranty.
✅ High resistance to engine pressure.
✅ Easy to trace for replacement.
❌ Slow response to the clients’ complains from the manufacturer.

6. Wix Spin-On Lube Filter

Wix isn’t just a company, it is an innovator in the development and production of wonderful filtration products. It produces different types of filters for various vehicles such as automobiles or trucks. Besides, the company received the Outstanding Parts Master Vendor Award from Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance in December 2011.

And it’s no wonder that Wix managed to develop such amazing product as this spin-on lube filter. This tried-and-true oil filter will provide your car’s engine with maximum protection. The product uses a special Spin-On technique for oil filtration. This filter is designed to meet the toughest driving conditions. And its wire-backed synthetic media guarantees high performance and incredible durability.

Wix spin-on filter is an ideal choice for the owners of trucks and people who often drive in harsh conditions. Selecting this product, you may be sure that your engine is out of danger.

✅ Extremely high durability.
✅ Reasonable price.
✅ Guarantees amazing efficiency of filtration.
❌ Not eligible for international shipping.

7. QuickSilver Oil Filter

Engineers from QuickSilver will certainly amaze you with their products. If you own a motorboat, this is your choice. QuickSilver oil filter is designed to work with all types of marine engines. However, it’s recommended to use it in the engines produced by Mercury Marine and General Motors.

The M-pleated filter media will protect your vehicle from oil impurities that may damage its motor. And its anti-drain back valve will ensure lubrication when you start up the engine. Choosing this filter is a sure way to eliminate dry starts. Besides, its thick metal shell is covered with a durable and corrosion-resistant finish. This amazing feature makes this filter one of the most reliable products on the market.

✅ Meets Mercury Marine manufacturer specifications.
✅ The special finish will protect your filter from corrosion.
✅ Prevents dry starts.
❌ The filter is compatible only with marine engines.

8. NAPA Gold 1042 Oil Filter

NAPA is a famous American retailer’s cooperative subsidiary that offers thousands of various automotive parts. In its shops, you can find tons of various items and tools necessary for vehicle maintenance and repair. Furthermore, NAPA is one of the sponsors of NASCAR racing. Its products are well-known for their extreme durability and reliability.

And this luxury oil filter isn’t an exception. When you choose it, you can be sure that it’s definitely worth its money. First of all, it holds 50% more contaminants than usual oil filters. The manufacturer conducted special research and discovered that Napa Gold 1042 can trap up to 18gr of impurities. In addition, it showed amazing results even during driving in a harsh environment.

The filter’s flexible silicone anti-drain back valve will protect your car engine from dangerous dry starts. The product is perfect for the vehicles manufactured by such famous companies as Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick. Although it doesn’t work well with heavy-duty engines, this is an excellent product for the owners of saloon cars. There are no doubts that this is one of the best filters on the market.

✅ Impressive durability.
✅ Made of top-quality materials.
✅ Meets standards of well-known automobile manufacturers.
❌ Too expensive.
❌ Not compatible with heavy-duty engines.

9. Allison External Spin-On Filter

In case you want to take care of your car, this filter is just what you need to keep it running nicely. However, you should take into consideration that it was designed specifically for Allison transmissions. The company used unique and innovative state-of-the-art technology to develop this amazing oil filter.

In addition, its spin-on design prevents any installation problems. There are no doubts that this filter will provide you with reliable performance. It’s made of top-quality materials and matches standard factory specifications. The filter will ensure a precision fit. Furthermore, it’s a perfect choice for 1000, 2000 and 2400 series of Allison transmissions.

✅ Made in the USA.
✅ Ensures precision fit and leakage prevention.
✅ Affordable price.
✅ Wonderful spin-on design.
❌ Designed specifically for transmissions manufactured by Allison.

10. Motorcraft FL-910S Oil Filter

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, Motorcraft FL-910S may become a great choice to protect the car’s engine from possible breakages. The filter is designed, engineered and recommended by the professionals from Ford Motor Company. Right now it is considered to be the best choice for owners of the cars produced by this famous automobile manufacturer.

The filter will screen dust, dirt, sand, bits of metal or other impurities before they’ll get into the oil. It’ll help to protect the vehicle from engine wear. Plus, the filter is designed with special pressure-relief valves. They minimize the risk that the contaminated oil will get back into the engine. Besides, these useful components will support the supply of the oil even during the cold weather conditions or in case the filter is clogged.

The product’s steel case is ironed out to ensure a better fit. Also, it has special flutes that simplify the process of its installation and removal. And the great fact is that it’s covered with anti-corrosion coating. Motorcraft FL-910S will certainly amaze you with its dirt-collecting capability and extreme durability. And the opportunity to purchase this wonderful product at a reasonable price is a crux of the biscuit.

✅ Perfect choice for the owners of Ford vehicles.
✅ Designed with pressure-relief valves and special flutes.
✅ Anti-corrosion coating guarantees extreme durability.
✅ Moderate price.
❌ The filter isn’t compatible with hybrid cars.

Do you need a special oil filter for synthetic oil?

The oil filter is one of the most important engine parts. And as you can see there are a lot of reliable products that are worth their money. However, you should always read reviews written by other customers to make sure that the preferred product will work with your vehicle’s engine. In addition, you can even ask a manufacturer or other drivers about the compatibility of this or that filter.

Also, don’t forget to check the filter’s status regularly and change it on time. Remember that it’s important to take care of your vehicle if you want to enkoy safe and comfortable driving. Fortunately, the products from the list will provide you with 100% engine protection and even save your money.